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Autonet Affiliate Program
Autonet Affiliate Program
  • Autonet Affiliate Program

  • If you are an influencer who has an interest in the automotive field, you can affiliate with us today and get various benefits, not only in experience but also for your future career in the automotive field elsewhere.

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3. Earning

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Over 200+ Affiliate Joined with $500,000 USD Commision Paid. Apply below for the Autonet Affiliate Program. Once your application has been processed, you will be able to generate custom tracking links to any page on our website.

Affiliate Benefit

Affiliate Benefit


Thank you for making my car look more attractive with car lighting products that are suitable for my car

Leslie Alexander

Highly recommended product to make my old car futuristic, product installation by professionals

Robert Fox

When purchasing lighting products for my Chevrolet Camaro, the customer service answered my questions and served what I needed well, e-commerce recommendations that are suitable for those who like car modification, especially car lights

Darlene Robertson

Customer Service who helps me answer the problems I'm experiencing by choosing best seller products and making my car more attractive to look at with good lighting

Devon Lane

Fast and safe delivery of products to their destination, and the product when installed in my BMW 3 series car fits its shape

Esther Howard

The products offered are attractive at prices that match the quality of the products, electricity is also good, the long distance lights are bright but not dazzling, a recommendation that is suitable for automotive lovers

Guy Hawkins

Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need A Minimum Number of Follower?

Anyone who is a Sohnne fan can apply to our ambassador program! However, you need to have a public social media account and be an active user. We also do offer a range of additional missions and perks for ambassadors with more than 3.000 followers, who are frequently active and have engaged communities.

What Social Media Platform are You Looking For?

We welcome creators from a variety of social media platforms, like Youtube, Tiktok, and Pinterest, but have a strong focus on Instagram.

What are You Looking For in An Ambassador?

We are looking for social media savvy, talented content creators who are fans of the Daniel Wellington brand and are looking for fun ways to engage with our brand and products. You need to have a public profile and a professional or business account, an engaged community, and post regularly on your social channels.

When Will I Hear About My Application?

Applications to become a Sohnne Icon can take up to 3 business days to process. We’ll notify you via email when it is finished.

Contact Us

If you have any questions please contact us or Click this